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Testimonials for Ruthe Gluckson


"Ruthe is an incredibly uplifting reservoir of positive energy and she shares this on every page.  Our students cannot escape the light that she provides in the classroom and this energy is infectious to the nth degree!"

David Anderson, Director, Emeritus Institute at Irvine Valley College

"Great mix of playful creativity and getting along with each other activities. Love your spirit."

Sheri, Psychotherapist, OC

"Your expertise and experience in the field of adult education and its application to wellness has proven invaluable to our health promotion/disease prevention planning initiative."

Kenneth Souza, Director of Community Health Services, Parker, Arizona

"Ms. Gluckson is dedicated to health care and inventive in her approach to new methods. I would unquestionably recommend her as a valuable allied-health professional."

Oscar Janiger, M.D., Santa Monica, California

"Her sense of movement and body mechanics has helped me to regain much of the flexibility and energy that I thought I had forever lost. More than that, her classes are fun."

Retired USMC Major, California




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