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Moving Experiences Makes Learning Fun!

Creative Movement and Communications Activities

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“Moving Experiences,” the book, is a compendium of creative movement activities for all ages, from children through seniors. Activity directors, educators, and workshop presenters will find a sourcebook for hours of new and classic material. Step-by-step instructions provide physical education activities and communications games that encourage creativity and friendship.

Authors Ruthe Busch Gluckson and Jeffrey Briar share classroom-tested recipes gleaned from years of teaching in schools, yoga and community centers, and human potential workshops.

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Every body feels better when we move!

You'll discover creativity games for personal expression, education and business. Readers will discover icebreakers and friendship-makers to boost self-confidence and meet new people. Movement exercises turn teaching into a way of sharing and exploring. Here are communication skills for business and friendship.

Teachers will gain skills for every area of education, where learning is a journey, and failure impossible. Teaching becomes a form of self-expression and exploration. We learn how to make any topic FUN. Sample Lesson Plans illustrate how to put these activities to work.

Topics Include

  • Group and solo self-awareness activities
  • Communication skills to build relationships and business
  • Fair fight techniques
  • Transformational theatre and art games
  • Geriatric adult education programs
  • Yoga paths to wholeness – Polarity and Pranayama
  • Diet and Health
  • Laughter Yoga

About the Authors

Ruthe Busch Gluckson

Ruthe Busch Gluckson has taught movement and yoga to all ages. Her work in the human potential movement includes leading sensitivity training workshops and facilitating encounter groups with George Bach, Ph.D., and her husband of 38 years, psychiatrist Leonard Gluckson, M.D. Ruthe co-authored Teaching Your Wings to Fly with her dance therapy mentor Anne Lief Barlin. She is a graduate of Dr. Kataria's first American Laughter Yoga Teacher's Training.

Jeffrey Briar

Jeffrey Briar is the Director of the Laughter Yoga Institute, based in Laguna Beach, California. He leads workshops and teacher trainings in Hasya Yoga and traditional yoga. Mr. Briar performs original piano compositions and music history demonstrations featuring Beethoven and Jazz. He is an accomplished comedic actor who has performed throughout the United States and Europe on stage and screen. See more about Jeffrey and the Laughter Yoga Institute at http://www.lyinstitute.com .

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