Moving Experiences




Ruthe Gluckson Offers Classes and Workshops

Ruthe offers new and traditional classes. She leads Laughter Yoga. She teaches yoga for seniors. She shares her favorite lessons in her book Moving Experiences (with son Jeffrey Briar).

And now she offers her most powerful activities in her workshop series.

Mature Women and Men in the 21st Century

Workshop Series

Joyful living is the goal for this series of classes featuring activities that stimulate the body and mind. In individual and group exercises, we develop living skills to address our changing needs as we mature. We discuss the joys and concerns that mature living brings. We learn ways to take better care of ourselves to live healthier lives.

Activities include:

  • Creative Expression (Art, Treasure Map, mask-making, collage)
  • Journaling
  • Improvisational theater, Imaginative Play
  • Laughter Yoga
  • Body strengthening (chair exercises), physical relaxation
  • Stress release for increased vitality
  • Artist's date
  • Mental stimulation (reading, memoirs)
  • Positive communication techniques

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Read More About Moving Experiences, The Book

Moving Experiences is a book filled with creative movement activities for all ages. Activity directors, educators, and workshop presenters will find a sourcebook for hours of new and classic material. Step-by-step instructions provide physical education activities and communications games that encourage creativity and friendship.

See the Moving Experiences page for more about the book.



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