Moving Experiences




Enjoy Movement and Laughter
with Ruthe Gluckson

Ruthe (center, in blue) and friends laugh
daily in Laguna Beach, California

Ruthe Busch Gluckson presents workshops and classes, leads Laughter Yoga, and shares her writing through the Creativity Center in Laguna Beach, California.

The big news this fall is the second edition of “Moving Experiences,” co-authored with her son Jeffrey Briar. They share their best exercises for communication and creative movement. You may purchase a copy now from the “Moving Experiences” page!

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She has been sharing creative movement activities and communication techniques since the early days of the Human Potential Movement, when she led Sensitivity Training workshops and Encounter Groups.

Her current workshops and classes include Mature Women and Men in the 21st Century, Yoga, and Laughter Yoga. See more on the Workshops page. The 21 st Century workshop series are a chance to work with her in person and to experience her best practices (many featured in Moving Experiences).

She is a popular Laughter Yoga leader and presenter. Laughter Yoga is the sharing of laughter in small groups for health and friendship. Even pretend laughter quickly becomes real when practiced with friends and new acquaintances – especially when led by Ruthe and practiced on the beach in Laguna! She leads Laughter Yoga at community centers, businesses, and conferences.

See more about Laughter Yoga and Ruthe at the Laughter Yoga Institute.

Contact Ruthe at rbgluckson@cox.net or call (949) 494-2716


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